Projects we have supported over the years.

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5 November 2022 Family Readiness Group, Casino Night

The Family Readiness Group (FGR) supports the troops and families of members of the NJ National Guard – roughly 300 soldiers in NJ. The group is part of the 102nd Cavalry. FGR’s primary mission is to support the families, especially as their soldiers get deployed and are away from home for months. Recent deployments found our service personnel in Somalia and Jordan and, before that, were in far-off locations as embedded in the Gulf War. Empowers made a $5,500 donation to “give back” to those who give so much to enjoy our freedoms in the US.

encircle 4 all partner 2022 - 2023
4 November 2022 Encircle

Encircle is a safe place for LGBTQ+ individuals to explore who they are and what makes them happy. Not only did Empowers make a $10,000 donation. We have also committed to getting solar on the roofs of these Encircle homes.

flyers of the walk-a-thon
6 September 2022 UELF Walk-A-Thon

University Elementary at La Fiesta (UELF) is a unique and exciting educational environment that practices what is known as Project Based Learning (PBL). UELF students are guided through a standard curriculum; however, project-based learning encourages students to investigate real-world topics in personally meaningful ways, and that helps prepare students for a lifetime of active learning. Inquiry-based instruction involves applying learned curriculum to analyze problems and ultimately design and create solutions. Empowers supported UELF’s most significant yearly fundraising event.

30 August 2022 Admiraal de Ruyter

Admiraal de Ruyter is a Dutch scouting club whose mission is to encourage teamwork, respect and fun to kids. Empowers was happy to help them to reach their own climate goals by providing solar panels on their roof.

14 August 2022 Wolfpack Robotics

Cosumnes Oaks High School robotics team is located in Elk Grove near Sacramento. Like many high schools, Cosumnes Oaks has a robotics team. Their team name is Wolfpack Robotics.

The Switch - Alt text
7 July 2022 The Switch

The Switch is an Amsterdam-based non-profit that accelerates the transition to a climate-neutral economy while helping people who live far from the labor market start a career in the green energy and solar installation sector.

20 June 2022 Werckpaert

Werckpaert was developed for mentally and physically disabled people. Empowers donated a full rooftop solar system.

12 June 2022 Arizona School Project

One of the first requests after Empowers was founded came from the Alhambra School District in Arizona for the design and development of a solar pavilion. Students had to create a design and present this to the school and the judges.

6 June 2022 Solar Energy International

Donated PanelClaw Claw FR materials for training veterans to become future installers. Solar Energy International trains 50,000 installers per year. PanelClaw has been a trusted partner since 2017.

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