The Hozho Homes Program

We strive to expand access to sustainable energy solutions and strengthen communities through education and training. We are proud to announce our partnership with Native Renewables’ Hozho Homes Program, a transformative initiative aimed at addressing energy access challenges within Hopi and Navajo families.

The Hozho Homes program is on a mission to provide these communities with access to off-grid solar photovoltaic (PV) systems and ensure they have reliable and sustainable energy sources. But the impact doesn’t end there; the program also includes an essential workforce development component. Native American solar installers are trained to build and maintain off-grid PV systems, creating job opportunities and preparing them to contribute to rural grid projects. 

Empowers provide financial support to the Hozho Homes program, allowing it to continue its important work. Additionally, through IronRidge, an installation company, we offer installation training to equip Native American installers with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their roles.  

Additionally, we dedicated our summer competition to inspiring Native youth to pursue STEM education, aligning with the mission of the Hozho Homes program and promoting interest in science, technology, engineering and math among Native American youth. 

Our partnership with Native Renewables’ Hozho Homes program exemplifies our commitment to expanding energy access, supporting workforce development and advancing STEM education in underserved communities. Together we are working to create a better and more sustainable future for Native American families in the United States. 

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