Solar Energy International

Enstall Empowers is committed to supporting education and empowering individuals to build brighter futures. We are proud to announce our partnership with Solar Energy International, a renowned organization that trains a staggering 70,000 solar installers each year. 

Through PanelClaw, an Enstall company, we have made a significant contribution to this important mission. We have donated PanelClaw Claw FR materials to Solar Energy International, helping train veterans to become future solar installers. 

Our collaboration with Solar Energy International represents our dedication to fostering a skilled and knowledgeable workforce in the renewable energy sector. PanelClaw has been a trusted partner in this endeavor since 2017, and we continue to work together to provide high-quality training materials and support for veterans seeking opportunities in the solar industry. 

Empowers believes in the power of education and training to transform lives and create a more sustainable future. By supporting veterans in their journey to become skilled solar installers, we are not only empowering individuals but also contributing to the growth of the renewable energy industry. 

Together with Solar Energy International, we are lighting the path to brighter opportunities and a greener tomorrow. Empowers remains committed to making a positive impact by supporting initiatives that empower individuals and advance the adoption of clean energy solutions. 

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