UELF Walk-A-Thon

From the desk of Christina Lune, Principal UELF

“Thank you, Empowers, for donating to the University Elementary School at La Fiesta PTA Sponsored Walk-A-Thon! Your contribution supports the school focus and mission of students being empowered to become active, curious, creative, and influential thinkers through hands-on experiential learning opportunities and project-based learning. UELF focuses on the following three tenets:

  • Constructivism: Children learn best through active, hands-on, structured learning experiences that reflect their interests and consider their developmental needs.
  • Diversity: All children benefit from learning about life around the world and from working alongside others who are both similar to and different from themselves.
  • Community: Schools and communities are enhanced when educators, parents, children, and members of the local community work together.

The PTA supports our students being engaged in science and engineering projects. This work is done by funding the Maker Room, a room used by classes to build and create learning models that demonstrate student understanding of science concepts. The Maker Room has two 3-D printers, one laser cutter, three sewing machines, one poster maker, Lego robot kits, and ample supplies like glue sticks, art supplies, painting supplies, and more. This year the students are targeting two areas of science as a school community, the ecosystem of the watershed and engineering design for a game. In addition, through the PTA funding, students are participating with Caine Monroy in multiple workshops to gain a deeper understanding of the planning and design aspect of engineering. Thank you for your donation! Our community appreciates your support.”

flyers of the walk-a-thon
University Elementary at La Fiesta (UELF) is a unique and exciting educational environment that practices what is known as Project Based Learning (PBL). UELF students are guided through a standard curriculum; however, project-based learning encourages students to investigate real-world topics in personally meaningful ways, and that helps prepare students for a lifetime of active learning. Inquiry-based instruction involves applying learned curriculum to analyze problems and ultimately design and create solutions. Empowers supported UELF’s most significant yearly fundraising event.
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